Holy Smoke is this Good

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A king is dead, a vow is made, a child is saved, can the kingdom survive? The Queens Assassin is exactly what this book is about, the right hand man of the king who is the captain of the guard in charge of protecting the Queen and her baby until the king returns from his war. The king returns victorious, the realm can rest, except the king will rest forever. Now the child must be protected and an agreement made with an unbreakable vow is made, can it be fulfilled?
The magic element and medieval setting is all that is needed to make this read an enjoyable one and one the reader does not want to end. The picture created by the author puts the reader right in the book pushing the characters to explore one more step, test fate one more time, and hold your breath just a little bit longer. I am really looking forward to see how many books this one creates and how far we can go with it.