Fun, but maybe not the best

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I thought for the most part, it was an entertaining book. I even look forward to reading the sequel when the time comes. It was a very quick read as the main character navigates her mission and romance without giving away too much information about herself. My biggest problem was it was painfully obvious the 'twist' from the very beginning and it felt like when the author finally pulls it all together at the end, they expected a much bigger reaction from the readers. Obviously the characters had their own shock, but I prefer it when I am let in on the twist/secret at the same time. When I knew but the characters didn't, while it made it seem like we weren't supposed to know everything, it made it more frustrating reading. How could they not have figured it out by now? How can you be a talented assassin and spy and not be able to tell the big, and obvious, secret? If you can look past that frustrating detail though, it was a good story and done well.