Fast Paced and Fun Read

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This is a quick read with a fun bit of humorous banter and what I consider to be a typical plot. I don’t mean that in a bad way either. I was thoroughly engrossed as this went along. The author has a writing style that I enjoy and kept me entertained throughout the entire book.

Though the plot is one that has been done multiple times, I still found myself enjoying Caledon and Shadow. I enjoy their semi enemies to lover transition (though not really enemies … more like standoffish to lovers). They are both flawed and watching them grow into each other was honestly pretty fun. What I really enjoyed about this book was how to the point it was. There isn’t a lot of frills and filler and I appreciate that more than I can begin to explain. It has a smoothness to the flow of the story.

I think the uniqueness of this novel will start to show itself in the second installment as our characters start getting farther into the corruption and powers. I personally am looking forward to starting the arc for book two next month. I am excited to see where these two start going, especially with the way it ended.

True rating 3.5/5.