Complex and Simple

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I find that there are so many fantasy young adult novels out there that it can be hard to spice up the story and make it seem totally and completely different than anything you've ever read before. This seems a little too similar to some of the simplest storylines. I would work on making the storyline totally different. And I would work on simplifying the names. When the names are super complex it can hide the storyline that you actually have. You may have a really cool storyline different than anything else I have ever seen before but it is so hard to see it with such complex names of places and people and so hard to follow. It can be tempting as an author (I am a writer though unpublished so I get it) to use a ton of fun complex names and go over the top creating a complex world of your own. You have to remember, however, the reader only sees what's on the page, not the complex world in your brain and they have only been reading it for the time since they started the book.