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First off the book cover is gorgeous! It instantly caught my eye with the beautiful shade of pink. I tend to read a lot of fantasy and this sounds right up my alley. The characters are both powerful opponents in their own way. So I am interested to see how their partnership is going to workout. I mean who doesn't like a story with a good assassin and a mysterious girl with strong powers? I want to know more about the world and why exactly magic has been forbidden. And what/who are the Aphrasians? I am a sucker for romance so I want to see exactly how much their relationship grows. It sounds like an action packed book that will keep me up until morning just to see what happens next. The mystery also sounds very entertaining.
Shadow seems like the type of character you can connect to. She has worked her whole life towards joining the Guild to become as good as Caledon. So once she meets her idol how will that affect her? There are just many questions I have and I hope to get some answers soon.