The Poison Season Review

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4.5 rounded up to a 5. This was a great and really interesting read! i have read several books similar to this idea and i love the idea that there could be several "islands" out there in one big fantasy world lol

Loved the characters and am so happy that a certain someone wasn't another certain someone's brother like i thought lmao that always puts a damper on romance!! I would definitely reread, buy and recommend! The cover is beautiful and eye catching, while the story is interesting, epic and has a great ending! IF this was ever made into a book series i'd read more of it for sure! Normally try to not give too much away in reviews so ill just say again this book is AWESOME, one of the best YA i have read so far this year!

Pretty sure this would make an awesome tv show too!! The characters and worldbuilding in this book was amazing. i'm sure it would carry over great into a tv series!