The Poison Season

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The Poison Season by Mara Rutherford was an excellent book! The beautiful cover is what initially drew me in with such detail and sweeping enchantment.  This is a new author to me which peaked my curosity from the book's blurb. It is a unique story and I really enjoyed the author's writing style.

This book is a YA fantasy with plenty of tense romance, with Jaren and Leelo are vividly written characters. The points of view/perspective from on the actual island and outside of the island are very clearly described, with the slower pace gradually pulling me in and placing me on locations and in scenes where I wanted to know more.

I usually do not read this genre, but it was very well written and kept my interest.  I will be passing this book along to my daughter who is a huge young adult fantasy/romance series fan, she will love it and dive in quickly!