The book unfortunately did not live up to its cover…

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I am learning that I am not a big fan of insta-love. The initial attraction between the two main characters despite all inherent distrust was not really convincing. Although both characters were likable enough, they fell a little flat and could have been much more. They had a lot of promise, but ended up leaving the reader unfulfilled. There was some mystery, although not explosive enough to redeem what the rest of the elements lacked. The side characters were just as non-compelling, most convincing being the evil unlikable ones you were rooting to burn/disappear with the forest.

Not recommended to: if you don’t like insta-love, unconvincing enemies-to-lovers, unexplored magic system
Recommended to: those who like themes of family & betrayal, cultish community, forbidden forest, dark fantasy with a touch of whimsy, mystery