I liked it so far!

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This is set in two different settings and it follows two characters -- the female lead and the male lead presumably. Leelo (female) lives near a lake that's waters are poisoned. On the other side on an island, there is a forest that seems to be magical. Jaren (male) lives near that lake, but he thinks it is only a legend. He seems very sweet; forgetful and a bit aloof, but kind and he seems to care about his family quite a bit. Although, he does feel a bit lost in the world as he does not know what he wants to do in life. Based on the first few chapters, Jaren and Leelo will meet and the two different ways of life --Leelo growing up fearing the lake and being surrounded with magic maybe and Jaren growing up in a lifestyle more closely resembling our own history. Leelo seems a bit shy or timid, but I have a feeling she will toughen right up when it counts. Her brother seems adorable too! I really like it so far!