Familiar Yet Unique

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The Poison Season has a mixture of magic, strained family relationships, personal discovery, forbidden love, mystery, and adventure.

As an Endlan, Leelo uses her magic and contributions, like many of the people on Endla, to keep her people and home safe from a sacred forest. One of Endla's main dangers - outsiders. These outsiders live across the poison lake. A lake that peels skin from bone tearing life away.

Leelo begins to question her life and community when her brother, Tate, is deemed an Incantu ( people who do not hold magic). It is tradition for the Incantu to leave at a certain age to join the world of the outsiders. Endla does not show mercy for those who hold no magic. Until, one day Leelo sees a boy across the lake.

I really enjoyed the romantic plotline between Leelo and Jaren. My only complaint about the book is that the most action happens in the last quarter. So many revelations are made and plot twists. It would have been nice if these had been more detailed and had more time to develop.