Another Eerie and Atmospheric Novel from Rutherford

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Another eerie and atmospheric novel from Rutherford. Between the isolated, secretive community and Leelo's strong family bonds, there's definite similarities between this and her other YA fantasy, Crown of Coral and Pearl.

Personally, I often struggle with this sort of premise, but this book is so beautifully written that I can just sink into it and enjoy the moments being created. Also, Leelo clearly expresses her doubts and worries in a way that is understandable from an outsider perspective (why is she okay with bloody sacrifices and seasonal murder? because she's a kid and afraid to be punished too).

I was never bored, but this is a slow story. Not that there aren't always things going on, but the events are lots of small-town news - getting lost in the woods, learning your friend has a secret, fighting and making up with an ornery cousin.