A Magical Cozy Read

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Talk about a great little gem! This is such a cozy read that perfectly merges mystery with fantasy. I loved learning about the island of Endla, and seeing the truth about their ways come to light. The setting was truly perfectly cozy, with most of the book taking place on the one island. There's still a lot that happens, but the intimate setting truly gave the author time to explore all the elements of the island so that you felt like you were there.

What was most refreshing about this book, beyond it being a standalone (which I feel is so uncommon with fantasy books) is that the MC didn't have to go on a big adventure to grow as a person, but instead learned who she was within her island. So often the main character has to go off to complete some mission, seeing new places and meeting new people. But with this story, the main character instead sees new things within her home island, all because one person (and their presence) forced her to reconsider everything she had been taught.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes a realistic setting sprinkled with some magic and romance, and a mystery that compels you to continue reading until the truth comes out.