Such an awesome story

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This is my first book by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took it everywhere with me in case I’d have a second to pick it up to read. The characters were well flushed out and I felt connected and interested in their outcome, possibly a little too much so. The overall plot was great and really felt like I was part of this fictional story. A few things were a little predictable but not so much so that I lost interest in the book, and I had to keep reading to find out more. Reading snippets of the book in the story made me want to read more as well. And it did bring up a fundamental question regarding artistic ownership. The main character fought with himself the way most would in his situation and it felt authentic, especially in the justifications. I was a bit dissatisfied with the ending but can’t say why without giving away a spoiler. Either way, it wasn’t what I was expecting, and it was great, I’m just unhappy with what happens, since I’m so invested in the character.