Slow burn thriller

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I am not a frequent reader of thrillers, but I really enjoyed this book. It's a slow burn with a literary tilt. Though I think avid thriller readers may not enjoy as much, The Plot offers a unique reading experience. I always appreciate books about writers and bookish things and this did not disappoint there. The characters are multi-dimensional and complex and the story is well written as it slowly unfolds. It kept me guessing, though towards the end I do think the pacing changes and not for the better. It was an enjoyable read and gave me something to chew on. I'm not sure there's enough there to make it stick with me for a long while after, but I liked it nonetheless. The writing style is straightforward-- for better or worse, not noteworthy; the focus of this book is definitely the plot (no pun intended). I'm looking forward to hearing what others think!