Slow burn

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Described as propulsive I would say the first 40% of the book was quite the opposite. It was an incredible slow burn and takes way too long for things to pick up. I wanted to dnf or skip ahead a dozen times and even when I got to 40% I wasn’t thrilled by any means. I did want to see how it all played out and unfortunately predicted the ending about 75% in. What I did enjoy is being inside a writers head and the commentary on appropriation. Does a plot truly belong to just one author? Can a plot be copywrited? Who owns a plot and is it really plagiarism if you are just taking an idea and writing it yourself? I often come up with ideas that I then see on Shark Tank but what can I do about it? Absolutely nothing! Do I tell my friends? Heck yes but that doesn’t make me the maker and keeper of all ideas. I think this will make for an interesting dialogue but beyond that it missed the mark for me.