Slow burn

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The Plot was a pretty clever book about a story within a story. It was quite ambitious to write a book about a book, and have the story in the story be intriguing as well.
While this is a fairly slow burn, by the 25% mark is where things get pretty interesting. Things start unfolding, layers start peeling back, you start reading the story within the story called "CRIB".
The main character was/is a writer. He rode the wave of popularity and success with his debut novel, but could never follow up after and fell off the map, and thus, became a writing teacher. While on the job, and still trying to be relevant, he meets a student who claims to have the perfect book, with the perfect plot. Can't miss, can't fail. Guaranteed to be a hit and wildly successful. While he won't giveaway the story, he gives a nugget, and he was right. It's a sure fire. After a couple of years, the book never comes. He becomes curious and finds out that the student had died, and thus never released it. He takes that plot, changes some names and writes the whole book himself. And, sure enough, the book is an overnight success. The events that follow lead him on a chase to find out exactly where the plot actually cane from, and what someone is willing to do to keep the truth hidden...