Recommend to Thriller Lovers

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I don't usually read thrillers. I rarely find them enjoyable. The Plot took me by surprise. It started slow, introducing the main character and allowing you to understand his personality. Jacob is insufferable. He is unhappy with his life and everything in it. The unhappiness that plagues him is the kind of unhappiness that is brought on by his way of thinking-- nothing is good enough and its not his fault, the world should cater to him and his desires. After hearing a plot from one of his students that he knows will sell, he falls deeper into a pit of self despair. A couple years later when the book still isn't published, Jacob finds out the student died before he could write the book. Jacob writes it himself and becomes a famous, rich author. Still Jacob is unhappy and wishes his life was better. He then starts receiving messages informing him that someone knows he stole the plot. Jacob falls even deeper into his self-pity and becomes paranoid. He goes on a hunt to discover the truth behind his stolen plot and the person sending him the messages. The ending was good. I did see the twist coming but only thirty or so pages beforehand. I enjoyed where the story traveled. One of my favorite things about The Plot is that chapters from Jacob's novel Crib were sprinkled throughout. It gave the story a deeper feel to it. I would recommend The Plot to all thriller lovers or anyone taste-testing the thriller genre.