Psychological Suspense

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Jacob Finch Bonner is a writer who’s second novel flunks so he finds himself teaching a creative writing class to a bunch of wannabes at Ripley. Here he meets Evan Parker, his pompous student who claims to have a plot that will not fail. When Jake actually hears The Plot he realizes, to his surprise, that Evan is right. It’s like nothing he’s ever heard. Years later he still hasn’t seen the book and is wondering where it is. When he finds Evan Parker’s obituary, he starts writing the blockbuster novel, Crib, using Evans plot. But when he receives some cryptic messages regarding it he starts to panic.

Who knows what Jake did and what will they do to destroy him? This one is so good. It a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing. I loved the way the author interspersed pages from the actual bestselling book, The Crib into the story. So well done! Mind blown 🤯 Highly recommend.