psychological plot twist

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I thought this book started out very slow, but with promises of a psychological plot twist, I was sure that things would pick. Did they ever!

The characterization was excellently portrayed—even down to gestures, actions and things the characters said. The settings were also nicely done. I especially liked the main character, Evan; the author did an excellent job of portraying him such a way that I felt sorry for him and his struggles. I also, more or less, wasn’t sure what he did was bad. Many authors have such similar books that picking up the plot someone else had, and writing it differently, as well as better by the way, doesn’t seem to really matter. Does it?

Okay, so I did guess the plot twist early on. Little clues made it obvious to me. But sometimes, when you know who the bad guy is, and the main character is clueless, it adds a tension that you may not otherwise feel. I wasn’t surprised by the ending—but I really wished the book would have ended differently.

Overall, this is another nice addition to the psychological thriller market.