Not For Seasoned Thriller Readers

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The Plot follows an author named Jake who has fond himself teaching writing after being unable to write a follow up to his debut hit. One of his students, Evan, arrogantly approaches him with the plot of his own book and tells Jake that this is going to be the next great American novel that nobody would find fault in. Jake is astounded by his hubris, but can't help but agree that this plot will be a hit. Several years later, Jake is reminded of Evan and while searching for him to see what became of his career, he finds out Evan is dead. Jake rewrites Evan's original plot, soaks in the fame, and begins writing his next book when he begins to receive threats about his "stolen work."

I knew to expect The Plot to be a slow burn based on other reviews I had seen. However, I found myself to be let down by it through the end. I don't mind a slow burn when it takes off at the end and makes my head spin but this just wasn't the experience I had with this book. I found it to be, for lack of a better phrase, a predictable plot. I guessed early on what the twist might look like but kept hoping I was wrong. I also felt like this story was overly descriptive and repetitive at some points.

All that being said, this book was not for me BUT I think it has a place on the shelves of many readers. The problems I had with this book come from being very picky with my thrillers and my own personal taste of writing style. I think this book will be a headspinner for anyone that is new to thriller or readers who enjoy authors like Peter Swanson, Stephen King, Scott Thomas, and Megan Miranda.