Loved it!

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This is exactly the kind of book I love! It started slow and was difficult for me to get into, but I didn’t give up and it was worth it! The story begins with an author, Jake Bonner and how his life is not what he wanted it to turn out to be. After publishing a few books his success has stalled and he is teaching fellow authors. He meets a young cocky author by the name of Evan Parker. Evan tells Jake his idea of a bestseller plot and Jake wishes he had thought of it. A few years later Jake hears that Evan passed away and so Jake decides to write a novel based on his plot which turns into a huge success.
However, his success from this book is stunted when he gets messages saying that he is a fraud and someone knows he stole the plot.
Without giving away too much, this book is headed in one direction and then takes the reader in a while new direction that I did not see coming!! If you are thinking about reading it, do yourself a favor and buy it! Save a whole night to read it.. you won’t be able to put it down!