Hard to put down!

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This book has a killer hook: Jacob Finch Bonner, his once promising writing career lilting downward like a leaf in the wind, avails himself of the opportunity to steal a plot from a deceased former student. A sure bestseller, the book catapults him to literary fame. Unfortunately, as soon as he begins to celebrate, he is found out by an anonymous email writer who threatens to expose him. The book is interspersed with chapters from “Crib,” the book Bonner writes from the stolen plot. I was even more drawn in by this story and admittedly would have loved to read the whole book. While Jacob’s own mystery was very fascinating, the problem with teasing a book with an irresistible plot is that you also want to read that book. Overall, I loved the book, though I did end up guessing the end a few chapters before I got there. All in all, it still held more than sufficient suspense to keep me going. Korelitz’s writing is literary, satirical, and a great deal of fun, and her newest novel doesn’t disappoint.