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As you can tell from my rating, I actually really liked this book. I did, however, have some trouble getting into this one, mostly because I find the whole pretense of a book written about a supposed “sensational” book to be…well, pretentious. I’m not sue Jacob Finch Bonner’s plot would have been as earth-shattering as it’s wimplied to be in this work of fiction, but that is my personal opinion.

Unfortunately, I saw the novel’s actual plot twist coming starting from page 79, and it drove me crazy that the supposedly smart, Jake, did not see it coming as well. This is usually something that makes me put down a novel and never pick it back up, but this novel was an exception. Why? Because it was so well written and Jake’s character is so believable and well-developed that I wanted to see if he ever figured out the truth, and what he would do when he did.

Jake’s journey is pretty breath-taking, and even though he is technically in the wrong, you will find yourself rooting for him throughout the novel, which makes the whole thing very much worth the read.