A Unique Plot Driven Novel

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I was hesitant when starting this book. I don’t really like the idea of reading a book about books, but I was told that it was good, so here I am. I’m so very happy that I am. This was such a gripping and unique story. It held my interest from start to finish. The way the author wrote immersed me into the story and plot.

It was so interesting how we actually got to read sections of the book our main character published. I wanted to find out what this amazing plot was that the author had stolen and how it came to be. It kept me turning the page.

Some of the twists I saw coming, but others were a complete shock. I enjoyed the mystery that we were involved with. It made the book so engaging. One thing that kind of stayed in the back of my mind was the question of why Jacob was so concerned with the person saying he was a thief. Technically, he wrote the entire book by himself and the plot he stole wasn’t copyrighted. I get that it would look bad, but he isn’t in any legal trouble. Anyway, that wasn’t a huge factor in my enjoyment, but it was something I noted.

I will say that the characters weren’t anything too special. I didn’t feel any connection to them or anything like that. They weren’t bad, but the plot was really what made this book. Normally, I would say I enjoy a more character focused novel, but even though this was more plot driven, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would highly recommend.