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I have missed on getting this book so I’m still searching for it! I just feel that is such a great book to have and just pick from the shelf from time to time! For that kick of empowerment that we all need from time to time! I’m big on displaying your books too hence I feel that this cover is worth a million words! Or a million bucks! ;))) We all been told lies at some point in our life’s but I feel that not many of us if any ever been told or lied to regarding education! And that’s such an impossible thing for us to even imagine! But that was the third lie and the one that brought most of the pain! Saying that am I the only one that believes that God only gives you as much as you can carry?! And our lovely bride was able to overcome this and maybe more! A woman looks fragile but ever herself doesn’t know the extent of her strength. Only in time of need and sorrow or loss!