Interesting Snapshot of Korean History

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There are so many aspects of history that can be written about. Korean
girls/women traveling to Hawaii in the early 1900s to marry Korean men sight unseen except for pictures was something I knew nothing about. Girls like friends Willow, Hongju, and Songhwa found there were surprises, and not all to their liking when they met their future husbands. Adjustments had to be made and expectations lowered in many cases.
This is a story of friendship and how those friendships are tested by various circumstances. One difficult situation involves the escalation of the Korean independence movement. While wanting the Japanese removed from their country, not all Koreans agreed on the best leader or method of doing this. This was a part of history I knew little about. Willow fears for her husband because of his strong involvement in this move for Korean independence.
The plot moves forward well in this book and the characters are developed in a way the reader cares about them and what is happening in their lives. It’s a book well worth reading.