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The Picture Bride started out good and very interesting. I enjoyed reading about the picture brides, including Willow, Hongju, and Songhwa where what they had been told about life in Hawaii with husbands and the paradise it would be, ended up not being true and how each one of them reacted to the truth and carried on, or not. That would have been really hard and was interesting to read about.
However, that whole plot seemed to peter out as Willow struggled through hard times and good in Hawaii, creating a family and learning to love her husband, Taewan. I lost interest in the story as it kinda bogged down with all the politics of the various Korean parties and patriots going off to fight or returning to Korea. The ending seemed a bit rushed and a little confusing too, especially with the change from Willow’s viewpoint to Pearl’s and the sudden jump in time to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
So, not a bad book, but it could use a little help to make it a little clearer.