Eye opening and uplifting

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The Picture Bride is about a seventeen year old girl named Willow. Willow works hard, baby sitting and helping her mom with her siblings, but one day the Pusan Ajimae lies to her about marrying a man in Hawaii who is searching for a wife. Before she knew it, Willow has to work hard to make a much nicer life for her relatives. And Willow has to settle with the not expected circumstances of which she has to reciliantly make the best of. I adored the friendship in this book and hope to see more of it. I highly, highly recommend.

The cover of the book is riddled with gorgeous colors. And it matches the story well. One hundred percent an instagramable cover. The ships on the cover also match the story well. And so does everything else there. I loved how the title on the cover wasn't left an ordinary boring monotone font, but that it is hinted and mixed with different shades of pinks, blues, reds, and dotted with colors in such a lovely way. It definitely helped me imagine the story with more clarity each time I glanced at the cover. After reading a bit, I had to process what I'd read so I had to stop reading and stare at the cover. Lost in my thoughts about the book and I had to try and collect myself.