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dnf. The set-up sounded amazing, and it's been a while since I really got into an historical fiction, so I had high hopes for this. Both the premise and the setting had me hooked.

I'm not into this. The writing is very clunky. I would soldier on if it were just the sentence structure, especially considering that it's a translated book, but the organization is also off. The narration will wrap up a scene or event, begin to move on to what happened next, and double back to give a few more sentences about the thing that happened before. It doesn't seem like that would make sense in any language, and it stops the story from establishing a flow.

A lot of opportunities for historical detail were skipped over, so this wouldn't be a great read for people who like immersive detail. In general, not enjoyable to read or easy to follow.

eARC from NetGalley.