A historical novel on a lesser know topic

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Willow is offered the chance to go to Hawaii to become a picture bride where she believes she will have a better life and a chance at an education. All is not as it seems when Willow arrives though she does have it better than some of the other girls she made the trip with.
I liked getting to read this story about a topic I was familiar with but had not read much about. While mostly set in Hawaii I liked that we got to learn about some of the struggles during this time in Korea. The other supporting characters were interesting and gave some variation to the view points in the experience.
I felt like some of the story was a bit too sanitized but it provided an introduction into a topic most people may not know about and give the readers the curiosity to go do further research on the topic. The end did feel a bit rushed and provided some extra drama that felt unnecessary and then not fully explained or explored. Overall a worthwhile read on this topic.