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The Picture Bride is a decently written novel about a less written about period in history. Who hasn’t been misled by an OKCupid or match add? Luckily, these moden dating apps are far lower risk than the picture brides of a century ago. Imagine being a teenaged woman, barely a legal adult, and having to leave your home, your country, everything and everyone you know to marry, essentially, a complete stranger….only to discover that everything you’ve been promised; an education, land, a life and future; were empty bribes to convince a desperate young woman to give up her entire life to be a picture bride….yikes!!

Some if the dialog and reactions from the characters seemed a bit…muted. I know people were far more demure in the early 1900s, and didn’t let their emotions get away from them the way we do now, but it’s hard to believe some of the reactions in the book. Maybe some indication of what the characters are thinking/feeling in addition to how they present themselves would help. It just needs….something, but, all in all, a very good read