Ignore the Summary and Read This Book!

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To preface: if you're going into this expecting the focus to be on Spencer fighting a legal battle to get to play soccer, know that that is really not the center of this story and the benching doesn't even happen until around the 200 page mark.The heart of the story is Spencer and his relationships, whether they're with his parents, his brother Theo, Justice, or his teammates. I can definitely see how a lot of people will love this book and I found it a quick and compelling lead, but I wish we could have seen more of the side cast, specifically Aiden. Also the way that Spencer treated his parents really got on my nerves and I'm glad that it was called out. I really liked Justice, though, and his struggles with having a very conservative family while being closeted and I'd love to see a spinoff or sequel about him and Spencer's relationship after the ending.