Debut sports contemporary sheds light on transgender rights

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In The Passing Playbook, debut author Isaac Fitzsimmons introduces readers to a shy transgender teen who just wants to be a normal teenager. For fans of Love, Simon, this book, which comes out on June 1st, will have you immersed deep in what it feels like to have a secret and feel like you’re always on the outside.

This book was such a great read! Even though I found it to be on the quicker side, this book was still packed with messages about inclusivity, acceptance, and what it’s like being transgender. I think I would’ve liked more details about what happened to Spencer before the events of the book, but I still liked the way the story flowed. Fitzsimmons also did a great job of showcasing examples of both good and bad coming out experiences seen through different characters.

This novel’s themes, which included being the new kid, first relationships, figuring out who you are, and transgender rights, were all relevant to today’s world and will allow people to either feel seen or feel compassion and understanding for those who deal with these kinds of things in real life. Plus, this book basically takes place on a soccer field! So if you’re looking for a modern sports story, then you’ll love reading about Spencer and the whole Cowboys soccer team!

Overall, this YA debut is fun, reflective, and is a great quick read to add to your TBR this summer (just in time for Pride Month)! Young adult readers will really enjoy this book.

*I received an ARC from Penguin Teen in exchange for my honest opinion.