All I could have hoped for

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I picked up this book because of the cover, two guys lying down together made it obvious it was gay, so exactly what I was looking for. Once I realized it was about a trans guy too, it piqued my interest even more, as I hadn’t come across many books with characters so similar to me. I was hooked immediately by the lovable characters and fast paced writing, and finished the book in one sitting. I loved watching spencer find his people and continue his transition at the same time, and I felt myself relating to many of his feelings.!I especially enjoyed the sense of community and support this book gave off, with the gsa and all of Spencer’s queer friends, as well as the way his teammates supported him after he came out. It was refreshing to read about how the gsa didn’t feel like a gender neutral bathroom was necessary, because there is definitely bias withinin the lgbtq community as well as from without.