Not For Me

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Abby and Elise are childhood friends who reconnect at their high school reunion. Abby is an artist currently wasting away at her parents’ house until she decides to visit Elise, a budding successful actress, in Los Angeles on a whim. At once, we see the strange interaction between the two of them grow from old friends to an almost vindictive, warped relationship.
I can’t say that I enjoyed this story as much as I thought I was going to. I had a hard time connecting with both Abby and Elise, and I am hard pressed to find any redeeming qualities in either of them. Having had a toxic friendship of my own in my teens, I spotted the warning signs immediately.
While I did find the underlying storyline of lucid dreaming and dark art interesting, the delivery left me more than confused at times and I just couldn’t find myself caring about either woman the end.