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I cannot quite pinpoint what I loved about this book. I appreciated the writing, as she did not refrain from using larger words, and did not assume that her audience was of lower intellect. All the way through the book it felt almost like a dream. It wasn't until closer to the end that I began to really see the reality that was taking place, but to be honest, even to the end I could see how this could have all been a lucid dream or a state of being halfway between reality and fiction. The lines are blurred many times and there is a sense of science fiction at times. Ultimately, though it is a picture of toxic love, idealism, longing, desires, and unfulfilled dreams. While I do not necessarily condone what the narrator does in the book, I felt a sense of right to what she decides. The end had a feeling similar to the ending of the Giver and reminded me of the escape that Jonas had to make to flea the toxic situation that his life had become. The more we know, the more we need to make choices for ourselves that may be more difficult than we ever imagined. This was definitely the case in this book. I feel as though the whole thing was a journey of learning who she was, what was truly important, and how to break free of the things that were holding her back.