Descent into madness....

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Once you start this book, you will quickly learn that the narrator is an unreliable narrator. I'm sorry to say that there are few (basically none) redeeming qualities for any of the characters in this book. They're each self centered, and selfish, in their own unique way.

The author is very talented with words. Other than that, this story was not for me. It is depressing, somewhat gutting and full of self destruction. There is no joy to be found here. I made myself finish it, but I'm not even sure why I did. It was a journey I did not want to take.

As for the ending, some people seem to have disliked it. While I found it unbelievable, it wrapped up the whole story in a neat little bow. Then again, did the ending really happen? Remember, our narrator is unreliable and teetering on the edge of madness.