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As someone who likes to get creative but typically sticks to painting, I'm always interested in learning how other artists express themselves creatively. I enjoyed reading about how Jeanne Oliver centered her artwork around her own personal story, which sounds fairly obvious but never occurred to me. My art is usually based on what interests me at the moment and I'm really interested in her idea of using my personal history, including photos, childhood memories, and other sentimental objects to create a style that is all my own.
I'm not sure about some of her recommended materials (charcoal, yes; rusty objects, maybe not) and while she argues that you should just use whatever you already have at home, I probably will still go out and buy a bunch of new supplies. But that's part of the fun of trying something new, I think.
Overall, I think this book looks like it brings a fresh perspective to the genre and I'm curious to find out more about some of her other projects too.