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This year, I’ve embarked on a journey to explore more of my creative side, a side of me I’m not very familiar with and has been unused most of my life. I’ve found some wonderful books that offered lots of guidance, and I’ve been trying my hand at drawing and using colored pencils along with a gratitude book. I hoped to move more into journaling and maybe even some painting as time goes on.

The author, Jeanne Oliver, took the time to give very detailed information for this book. After starting with tools and basic supplies, she moves into projects: the book contains 24. Jeanne mentions that it helps her to have some rituals that she performs before she starts, and she offers some suggestions to help get ready such as music, deep breaths, prayer or even jumping jacks! Some of the 24 projects work with others: an example of this is that the first project is collecting your story and the second moves into displaying your story.

While I thoroughly appreciate how carefully this was put together and all the easy-to-follow directions, I like a lighter, happier look than the author displays in this book; I’m not a fan of the dripping paint, splotches and mostly drab colors that she uses. I do, however, feel this is a reasonably good springboard for me so I’m giving it 4 stars.