This was good, but....

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The prologue of this book gives you a taste of how things are going to
deteriorate in the coming pages; you know that it is not going to be smooth
sailing for the main character, Emily. The author did an incredible job of
building up tension and ratcheting up the obsessive behavior of the future
mother-in-law, Pammie. Pammie is very manipulative in ways her son, Adam,
doesn’t even seem to realize. Her little digs and efforts to make Emily look
bad and feel bad escalate as the book goes on, and Adam places the blame on

While I had several scenarios in mind for how the book might end, I didn’t
get it completely right. By the end, all the pieces fit together in a way
that works, but is a bit startling.

What I didn’t like: the book is saturated with sex scenes, most of them
added nothing to the story, and unfortunately, this is one of those books
where the f word comes up a lot and even the name of Jesus is used like a
curse word. If you don't care for books that have a lot of that element,
this will be a huge disappointment.