Slow-burn thriller.

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*3.5 stars

This was my third book by this author; Jones has been a "hit or miss" for me, but I decided to give this one a shot because Reese Witherspoon had previously chosen the title for her book club pick one month.

This is definitely a slow-burn thriller, which is my least favorite in this genre. However, I can confirm that things do begin to pick up the pace midway through the novel. I was certain I was going to rate this one a solid two stars, but Jones was able to turn my reading experience around and who she chose as the true culprit of the crime had me shocked!

I found Jones to create a refreshing take on psychological thrillers and create a situation that I hadn't read about in other thrillers, so it was nice to see something different from the norm.

I'd suggest giving this one a read!