Secrets cannot be buried forever

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This book would have received a higher rating from me if I didn’t already figure out the twist from the beginning of the book. So I didn’t have the shock factor that this book was aiming for but overall it was an okay read for me. I can relate to the characters in some ways but there was a disconnection that I cannot pinpoint. Maybe just maybe I watch too much movies on Lifetime which kind of ruined the book for me – HA! I think I would have enjoyed the book so much more and be able to relate to the characters on a deeper level if it was written in different POVs but that could just be because I am biased in this writing style to begin with.

If you had your eyes on this book, please don’t let my short review sway you. I encourage you with all my heart to read it. I have a feeling I am in the minority with my thoughts on this book and truly believe most of you will LOVE it.