Really good!

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The Other Woman is a domestic thriller that had we questioning motives, and people, the entire way through.
First off though, can we talk about Emily? She made me so angry throughout this book. At what point do you just walk away from from being unhappy instead of lying to yourself, rather than trying to spite someone?! Come on! She's so in love with Adam, and I thought he was a jerk during the whole relationship. She would rather be unhappy and think she loves him so much, and put up with his mother's crazy behaviors just to spite her. She thinks Pammie, his mom, hates her. And rather than just walk away from all the drama, she stays and takes Adam back over and over and over again. It was so infuriating! I couldn't believe that nobody else saw how awful Pammie was being to Emily, until she had to break it all down to her best friend and her mom.
Overall, this was a good book that was written well. Definitely worth the read.