Mother knows best

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Sandie Jones does it again, crafting a thriller for the ages. Emily is a relatable lover who just wants to spend time with her man, Adam. Adam seems loving but he has one issue: his mother. Pammie is inseparable from the couple and lines are crossed. Sandie does a wonderful job of crafting these characters and making each storyline believable.
This book had a surprising ending that I was not in store for. I enjoyed guessing where the author was going with each plot point and chapter. I recommend any reader go in blind without any spoilers.
The novel could do without as much detail however, on what the characters are doing and Emily’s whereabouts. I found myself skimming some sections of the book because they felt unneeded. This may have made the book a bit more enjoyable.
This novel is fast paced and is a quick read. I recommend it for anyone who loves a good psychological thriller.