Good concept, annoying characters

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The Other Woman starts off like many other stories: boy meets girl and boy and girl fall in love. However, the boy has a mother who can't seem to let him go. What ensues is a rivalry between girl and mother-in-law, with boy stuck in the middle. Who will he choose?

Have you ever been annoyed by a character in a book? When I first started reading this book, I felt sorry for Emily. This novel played on the stereotypical "awful mother-in-law" scenario. Pammie seemed absolutely dreadful, and to make matters worse, Adam never stood up to his mother for Emily. His mother could do no wrong in his eyes. This made me loathe Adam and his mother. However, as the novel progressed, I found myself becoming annoyed with Emily for not simply walking away. I couldn't decide who I hated more: Pammie, Emily, or Adam. I wanted to reach through the book and slap every single one of them. The concept of the plot is intriguing enough, bu the unlikable characters made it really hard for me to truly enjoy the book. It was almost as though the characters were too flawed, which made the story seemed a little far-fetched. I think there was a lot of potential for this story, but it was delivered in a way that left me just wanting the story to end. I give it 3/5.