Good Book

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Emily and Adam fall head over heel in love, she has a successful career but no man in her life. The day comes that Adam wants Emily to meet his mother Pammie who is widowed and raised Adam and his brother James alone. Pammie is easily spotted as a manipulator to Emily and when Adam proposes it shows how far she will go to keep them from getting married. Adam's previous girlfriend accidenty died from an asthma attack when they were moving in together. Pammie invites Emily's old best friend who she vowed never to talk to again after she stole her boyfriend years ago to her bachelorette get away! There are alot of devious happenings and eventually you wonder why Emily keeps putting up with it. The end explains it all, but that is where I got disappointed. I feel that Pammie kept her secret way too long and it was unnecessary. Emily could have been very hurt with the lies she kept.