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Didn't work for me

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I liked the beginning of this book. But as things slowly unfolded (most of the "action" is in the final chapters) Emily developed a severe case of stupidity. Her boyfriend's mother is out to get her! Really out to get her! Ok, that could have been interesting.

The problem is the boyfriend. Adam is pretty much awful from Emily from about 20% of the book in and I had no idea why she stayed with him. I think the author was attempting to show that Emily stayed with Adam because of his mother--refusing to be cowed by her--but Adam is so insufferable that it becomes who is worse? Adam, or his mother?

Throw in a subplot with Adam's brother, James, that goes nowhere, and the endless wait to see that yes, Adam is horrible and his mother was only trying! to! save! Emily! and you get, at least for me, a raging case of This Is Not A Plot Twist That Saves This Book.

Tldr: Only for those who can handle a heroine who enjoys suffering because she's apparently doing it for no reason I can understand.