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This book is a gem that I don't think most people know about! I think the characters and story are fantastic. Emry came to court in her brother's place, but is pretending to be him. Living in a patriarch society where women are not as valued other than to bear sons, Emry hopes to defy the oppression against women. She is risking her life pretending to be a boy, but also wants to learn magic as an apprentice, believing she's more deserving than her brother who lacks the same ability, drive and determination as Emry does. I really love Emry, she's an amazing character with high hopes and cares for her family. She tries to do what she does best, but like all of us, she's not perfect either. This Arthurian retelling is unique and has me wanting more. This book is so underrated and I wish more people knew about it. I'm looking forward to the next installment!