It was slow

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This story was very different than I was expecting. The beginning is with Prince Arthur and he is not what you would expect. Instead we find him sneaking out and regretful about pulling out the sword.
Merlin is missing and his children, twins, swap places so that she can go to the capital. This wasn't just a want it was need to go. She had better handle on her powers and her brother was a bit slower on the uptake.
Now she is embroiled in the problems of the capital and someone knows her secret.
For the most part this book was an easy read it was just a bit slow for me. Instead of tons of action this slowly moves up and towards the ultimate end. The ending shows that this is in fact a series and we have a big cliff hanger.
Add in the relationships we find and I just didn't find myself as invested as I thought I would be going in.
The cover made it seem more mysterious than it was.