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I adored this book! It was funny and sharp in a way that just pulls you along without seeming like it's trying too hard; I just fell into it and was eager to finish (this with a toddler running around the house, so the fact that I wanted to spend my precious little free time reading it is a strong endorsement). It reminded me a lot of the TV show Merlin, at least the earlier seasons before the show's tone became a lot more grim. The Merlin/Arthur relationship had the same "don't know I'm meeting a prince" introduction (which legit NEVER gets old), and had a similar vibe with friendly banter and getting into and out of trouble together, all in a way that elevated both the book and show in my mind as opposed to seeming redundant. I did not realize it was slated to be a series, so I was a little concerned as the remaining pages began to dwindle with large conflicts yet unresolved. In this case, it was a happy surprise. I would be utterly DELIGHTED to read more, as there is so much available to explore with the world, established conflicts, and the way the characters are evolving. I like that there's a well-rounded ensemble, rather than just focusing on Arthur and Merlin.